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PERFORMANCE: All Bruno Straight and Curved Rail Stair lifts are designed and manufactured to accommodate rider weights of up to 350 lbs., which positions Bruno stairlift systems as a leader in the industry.

The wireless "call-send" control allows you to call or send the unit to the other end of the stairs. This wireless system can either be mounted on a wall or can be used as a hand held remote.

The Bruno line is all battery-powered so you can use it even in a power failure.

COMFORT: Our units use a rack and pinion system, so there's no slipping or lurching when the unit stops and starts. Your ride is smooth and controlled. Your installer can even set the speed of the unit to suit your personal comfort level.

QUALITY: Designed, manufactured and assembled under ISO 9001 standards, meet ANSI A-17.1 requirements.

INSTALLATION: Because of the battery-powered operation there is no special wiring required for installation. The unit uses a 3-amp charger that will operate on a standard 110 volt wall outlet.

Bruno Electra-Rideª Straight Stairlifts
Straight Rail Stairlift: With 4 models to choose from, you will be sure to find the perfect stairlift for your needs. Compact and comfortable, the unit charges automatically when it is parked both at the top or bottom of the stairway.
Bruno Electra-Rideª Curved Stairlifts
The Bruno Electra-Ride III Custom Curved Rail Stairlift is the standard of excellence in battery-powered stairlifts. Our curved stair lift rails can be installed as close as 7" from the wall, with an overall folded width of just 16-1/2". The unit is anchored to the stairway, not the wall and each rail system and set of rail clamps is custom-engineered for your particular stairway.
Bruno Electra-Rideª Outdoor Stairlifts